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Bike Insurance

Bike insurance shields the vehicle owner from any unforeseen occurrences like the accident or any serious damage to the motor vehicle

The primary purpose of Bike insurance is to provide financial protection against physical damage from road accidents and liability resulting from third-party vehicles/property/person incidents. Bike Insurance is a type of Insurance policy that protect your Bike and Bike owner from any risks and damages that may lead to the financial losses.

We at i4Insurance Planners provide best available and trusted Bike Insurance Policy to you which will helps you in the need of Bike Accidents and Financial Losses due to it.

    Types of Car Insurance
  • Comprehensive Bike Insurance
  • 3rd Party Bike Insurance
    Benefits of Bike Insurance Policy
  • Coverage against any financial loss or damage caused to the insured Bike
  • Personal Accidental Insurance Coverage
  • Coverage against loss or damage caused by accidents, fire, theft, self-ignition, explosion, lightning, riots, terrorist activities, or natural calamities.
  • 24x7 Roadside Assistance
  • Cost of Spare Parts
  • Daily Allowance Benefits